Choosing a Replacement Lid For Your Hydro Flask Bottle

Looking for a replacement lid for your Hydro Flask bottle? Look no further. We offer the biggest selection of lid styles and variations for your Hydro Flask bottle or any other standard or wide mouth bottle you may have. Don’t settle for overpriced replacement lids and a limited selection, we offer better quality, more effective lids at half the price of a Hydro Flask brand lid.

The Airtight, Heavy Duty Standard Mouth Twist Lid 

loop cap lidvacuum lid hydro flask

Starting off with our most heavy duty lid, the twist style lid we offer is considered to be the most sturdy and heavy duty of all our lids. Many of our customers who participate in extreme sports or extensive outdoor activities prefer this lid for a variety of reasons. 

  • This lids threads and plastic seal are 30% larger in diameter and thickness than all other standard lids that come with the major brands such as Hydro Flask, Thermo Tank, etc. This lid provides a simple but effective carrying and opening process. The best way to use this lid is with a heavy duty carabiner preferably attached to something sturdy like a backpack frame or kayak belt.

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The Simple & Effective Standard Mouth Stainless Steel & Bamboo Lid

metal lid hydro flasklid for hydro flask standard mouth

Stylish and basically indestructible, these are some of our most popular lids for people who are constantly moving and don’t want to have to worry about a spout or straw with their bottle. There are two versions, one with a bamboo finish and one without. The lid with the bamboo finish looks like it wouldn’t be very strong, but it’s actually just as durable as the regular stainless steel lid and the twist lid. Any and all bamboo used for this lid was sustain-ably harvested and produced.

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The Versatile & One-Handed Operation Standard Mouth Bite Valve Lid


bite lid hydro flaskstandard mouth sport lid hydro flask


A long running Topoko favorite and staple product, The bite valve lid was one of the first lids ever developed by Topoko, and was created based on the need for stainless steel water bottle owners to have a lid that can be used with one hand while running or moving, but also provide good insulation and be leak proof like the standard two handed lids are. This lid not only features the now famous bite valve opening, but deep threading and an internal plastic seal 30% thicker than any standard lids.

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The Most Popular Lid We Sell - The Standard Mouth Straw Lid


              straw lid for hydro flaskreplacement lid hydro flask


Out of all of our lids, customers love our straw lid the absolute best. When developing our version of the straw lid for standard mouth bottles, we found that the key to producing the best straw lid is all in the details. While other straw lids are designed with a simple blueprint consisting of the straw, mouthpiece, and lid, Our lid is created in a more specific way. Every aspect of the Topoko Straw Lid is designed to work consistently and perfectly, from the length of the straw to the diameter of the lid and mouthpiece. We’ve spent years perfecting this lid and with hundreds of thousands of daily users, we take pride in its performance as well as it’s popularity.

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Made For The Outdoorsmen - The Wide Mouth Para-Lid


wide mouth straw lid

Tough, rugged, and versatile this custom lid was developed with input from our customers! Many Topoko customers and product testers are avid outdoors-men, which gives us the freedom and ability to test all of our products in rugged and unpredictable situations. The features that most of our products have are useful and easy to appreciate when you’re in your vehicle or office, but they are unavoidably appreciated when it comes to using them in extreme weather, challenging conditions, or situations in which you can’t be gentle with your bottle. Starting with probably the coolest aspect of this lid, the handle can be unbound and stretched to 12 feet. 

The para cord rope is extremely strong and can hold weight in excess of 250 pounds. This allows this rope to be used in a variety of survival situations, many of which can potentially save your life. The para cord is also treated and covered with a liquid coating that prevents the rope from drying out or fraying even if it is regularly covered in mud, dirt, or water.

Attached to the para cord handle is a small but accurate compass. This compass features a shock proof casing and plastic screen that can withstand more than a few hard hits or drops. While keeping a full sized compass with you at all times when exploring in an unknown or densely wooded area is extremely important and recommended, having a backup compass on the lid of your water bottle is smart.

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Indestructible & Unique - The Wide Mouth Screw Cap Lid


wide mouth lid hydro flaskcap hydro flask


Nicknamed “The Tank” in the Topoko office, this wide mouth lid is one of our most popular 2.2” mouth replacement/aftermarket lids ever. This thing is literally indestructible. Originally, this lid started out as a regular open cap lid. However, while our team was researching and reading customer reviews and our product testers were using the lid everyday, we noticed something. Generally the customers who purchase wide mouth bottles with large capacities are looking to take these bottles on extended trips, into the woods, or generally something other than sitting on your desk at work (not that it doesn’t perform that job well). So we decided to take this lid to the drawing board one more time.

From a simple lid we created a heavy-duty, battle ready lid. We added a thick, strong ring around the entire circumference of the lid, which has a raised diamond shaped texture for extra grip. Between the screw on cap and the lid itself, we added a solid piece of hardened high grade BPA Free Plastic designed to give the bottle a reinforced body and a stronger foundation to attach the carrying handle to. This lid performs and performs well. 

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For The Coffee Sipper & Weekday Warrior - The Wide Mouth Flip Top Lid


As basic as this wide mouth lid looks, it took us years to design this lid just the way we wanted. Including a carrying handle that also allows enough clearance for leaning the bottle back and drinking as much as you’d like was actually very difficult. Now however, this is fast becoming one of our best selling lids for Hydro Flask Wide Mouth bottles.

For larger bottles that feature a wide mouth lid there are often very few options for people who plan on using the bottle for hot liquids. A lid which screws on and off would be nearly unusable for coffee or tea, as the liquid will slosh around and almost always come out of bottle too fast. Lid options with a straw are not feasible as they will quickly get dirty and deteriorate due to continuous heat. Plus, who wants to drink coffee through a straw? This lid features a smaller opening than most flip lids, allowing you to drink your hot liquids (or cold liquids) without having 
to worry about pouring coffee all over yourself. This one small feature we added to this lid makes a large bottle like the 32 ounce Hydro Flask pictured above more versatile and easy to use.

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About Us

For years Topoko has put an emphasis on the importance of having not just high quality products ,but versatile products as well. What better way is there to increase the value of a product than by designing them to be used in a multitude of ways? That’s the thought process we have when it comes to the research and development of our bottles and lids. We want these lid’s to perform exceptionally in a variety of uses across many different applications. We are devoted to constantly improving our products by testing them and collecting feedback from our customers on their experiences. If you’re looking for a replacement lid for your Hydro Flask, we have the largest selection of lid styles and types, and a customer service team standing by to answer your questions.